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The Ganepão conference considers, within its educational proposal, the dissemination of knowledge as a fundamental action. On this space, you can follow relevant nutrition contents based on scientific evidence.

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Ganepão 60 Nutri Seconds - October 2016

october 12th, 2016

Recent publication of Nutrition Day presents results of study and research of its last 9 years.

Dr. Dan L. Waitzberg speaks more about this in the Ganepão 60 Nutri Seconds. Watch it!


15 New Dietary Guidelines based on the Dutch population

october 07th, 2016

15 New Dietary Guidelines based on the Dutch population

The dietary guidelines are based on 29 systematic reviews of English language meta-analyses. The committee also selected three causal risk factors of cardiovascular disease or diabetes: blood pressure, cholesterol and body weight. The results were categorized as strong or weak evidence, inconsistent effects, too little evidence or effect unlikely for experimental and observational data separately. Next, the committee selected only findings with a strong level of evidence for deriving the guidelines 15 specific dietary guidelines have been described:

  1. Eat at least 200 g of vegetables and at least 200 g of fruit daily
  2. Limit the consumption of red meat, particularly processed meat
  3. Take a few portions of dairy produce daily, including milk or yogurt
  4. Eat legumes weekly
  5. Eat at least 15 g of unsalted nuts daily
  6. Eat at least 90 g of brown bread, wholemeal bread or other whole-grain products daily. Replace refined cereal products by whole-grain products
  7. Replace butter, hard margarines and cooking fats with soft margarines, liquid cooking fats and vegetable oils
  8. Eat one serving of fish, preferably oily fish weekly
  9. Drink three cups of tea daily
  10. Replace unfiltered coffee by filtered coffee
  11. Minimize the consumption of sugar-containing beverages
  12. Do not drink alcohol or do not drink more than one glass daily
  13. Limit salt intake to 6g daily
  14. Nutrient supplements are not needed, except for specific groups for which supplementation applies— for example, groups that need extra vitamin D, folic acid or vitamin B12
  15. Follow a dietary pattern that involves eating more plant-based and less animal-based food, as recommended in the guidelines

Kromhout D, Spaaij CJK, Goede J de and Weggemans RM for the Committee Dutch Dietary Guidelines 2015. The 2015 Dutch food-based dietary guidelines. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2016: 70, 869–878.