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The Ganepão conference considers, within its educational proposal, the dissemination of knowledge as a fundamental action. On this space, you can follow relevant nutrition contents based on scientific evidence.

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Ganepao 60 Nutri Seconds - New ESPEN Criteria for Malnutrition in Elderly People

august 30th, 2017

Tags: ganepao 60 nutri seconds mortality malnutrition eldery

In the Ganepão 60 nutrisegundos of this month, we shared the results of the recently published study in the Nature, which evaluated the prognostic value for mortality of the new ESPEN criteria for malnutrition in 437 elderly people.


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By: Giliane Belarmino and Dan L Waitzberg



Jiaojiao Jiang, Xiaoyi HuJing Chen, Haozhong Wang, Lei Zhang, Birong Dong, Ming Yang. Predicting long-term mortality in hospitalized elderly patients using the new ESPEN definition. 2017, Scientific Reports 7: 4067.

Cederholm, T. et al. Diagnostic criteria for malnutrition - An ESPEN Consensus Statement. 2015, Clinical Nutrition. 34: 335–340.


june 15th, 2017

Tags: marca estratégia de marca daniela cierro marketing

june 15th, 2017

Tags: resistência anabólica proteína idoso síntese protéica

may 24th, 2017

Tags: castanhas nozes função endotelial

Ganepao 60 Nutri Seconds - May 2017

may 11th, 2017

Tags: vigitel 2016 cardiovascular diseases obesity

Lifestyle changes impacts on cardiovascular diseases: Brazil is in transition from malnutrition to obesity.

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Brasil. Ministério da Saúde. VIGITEL BRASIL 2016. Disponível em: Acessado em: 20/04/2017.

Ganepao 60 Nutri Seconds - April 2017

april 07th, 2017

Tags: breakfast skipping late-night eating cardiometabolic risks nutritional adequacy imc ldl hdl c-reactive

Did you know that not having breakfast and eating late at night increase cardiometabolic risks?

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Ganepão 60 Nutri Seconds - March 2017

march 15th, 2017

Tags: taxonomy metabolism cesárean section neonatal microbiota

A recently published study evaluated the taxonomy and metabolic of the neonatal microbiota, considering the type of delivery, and microbiota at oral, nasal, vaginal, intestinal and cutaneous sites of the mother and the baby.


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Ganepao 60 Nutri Seconds - February 2017

fembruary 14th, 2017

Tags: flavonoids flavonol body weight weight loss

Can flavonoids reduce body weight?


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Ganepão 60 Nutri Seconds - January 2017

january 11th, 2017

Study involving Whey Protein and Sodium Caseinate supplementation concluded that these have al effects, besides being excellent macronutrients.


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Ganepão 60 Nutri Seconds - December 2016

december 15th, 2016

“Women should consider the time between bariatric surgery and gestation, which should be at least 2 years.”


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