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The Ganepão conference considers, within its educational proposal, the dissemination of knowledge as a fundamental action. On this space, you can follow relevant nutrition contents based on scientific evidence.

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fembruary 26th, 2019

Tags: ganepaocast dieta flexitariana vegetarianismo carne

october 22nd, 2018

Tags: jejum intermitente restrição calórica diabetes tipo 2 dieta hipocalórica contínua

august 15th, 2018

Tags: dieta vegetariana microbiota intestinal gestação gravidez

may 23rd, 2018

Tags: dieta vegetariana gestação vitamina b12 ganepaocast

may 14th, 2018

Tags: gordura carboidrato dieta perda de peso

march 23rd, 2018

Tags: ganepaocast dieta cetogênica longevidade

march 05th, 2018

Tags: exercício dieta microbiota intestinal

november 13th, 2017

Tags: dieta vegetariana depressao