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Ganepão 2017, 7th Brazilian Congresso of Integrated Nutrition – CBNI and 3rd  Brazilian Conference of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics - Preprosim


"It was my pleasure to part of GANEPAO once again. Great event with a lot of insights. Very well organized and attended. Congratulations!"

Prof. Olivier Goulet

"Congratulations on an amazing conference. The Ganepao meeting is always wonderful but this one was outstanding. You did a fantastic job. Thank you for including me."

Prof. Laura Matarese

"We from Phitotherapy Association consider GANEPÃO an excellent meeting. May GANEPÃO grow more and more forever!"

Prof. Vanderlí Marchiori

"Once more outstanding conference! Congratulations!"

Prof. Guilherme Duprat

"Congrat once more... every year is Always the best!"

Prof. Nivaldo Barroso Pinho

"Sucess forever  Dr. Dan, resuls from a lot of effort and competence. Looking forward 2018!"

Prof. Sonia Tucunduva

"As a chief of Nutrition Service in Hospital Carlos A. Bocalandro at Buenos Aires city, and after 22 year of profession and attending many different conferences at many countries I found GANEPÃO 2017 of very high scientific level in a marvellous venue."

Maria Sandra Spatafora

"Marvellous as ever! I have participated at the session “ danse of chairs” with very stimulant discussions, with chance to everyone give his opinions. I consider this session very fruitful and hope in continues happening."

Liana Macêdo Almeida

"Aplauses! Marvelous event, contente, organization, reception, all done with excellence and care. All of you are congrat!"

Ayala Kalnicki

"Congratulation for the event  Dr Dan! Impecable organização and very high level lectures!"

Mariane Marques

"Gratitude! Thank you for given us such an excelente conference!"

Erika Simone Coelho Carvalho

"Congratulations! Best conference, extreme high scientific level!"

Andréa Fernanda Lopes

"Excellent conference. Congrat Dr. Dan, from many year contributing for the evolution, enhancement and improval of our patients care. Sucess!"

Cezar Henrique Azevedo

"Dr. Dan L. Waitzberg congratulations for  GANEPÃO, Always differenciated and inovative."

Georgia Castro Fernandes

"Congrat for all the team and in especial to Dr. Dan LWaitzbetg, conference of high quality and great scientific contribution for health practitioners. Sucess Always!"

Edla Souza

"Sucess ALWAYS! Congratulations for more one year of very hight scientific level conference!"

Maria Gandini

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29/JUN/2018 - Recado do Dr. Dan

Contando com a presença de 2.960 congressis

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26/JUN/2018 - 
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