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Ganepão 2017, 7th Brazilian Congresso of Integrated Nutrition – CBNI and 3rd  Brazilian Conference of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics - Preprosim

Welcome Message

th Brazilian Congress of Integrated Nutrition (CBNI)

Dear Participant,

What is the real impact of the new knowledge into our daily practice?

Science in Nutrition is advancing rapidly due to better understanding of nutrigenomics nutrigenetics and epigenetics mechanisms. The current challenge is the translation of knowledge to nutritional practice, particularly for specific nutrients and nutraceuticals.

Every day brings new information from experimental and clinical research, and we need to know how to respond to the doubts of our patients and students, and ultimately separate the “wheat from chaff”.

"Translation of Nutrients and Nutraceuticals for the Prevention and Nutritional Therapy" is the main theme of the VII Brazilian Congress of Integrated Nutrition (CBNI), composing Ganepão 2017.

Similarly, the use of prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics substantially modify our organic microenvironment and can contribute to health and improvement of various diseases.

Simultaneously, we will hold the III Brazilian Congress of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics (Preprosim), adopting the theme "Organic and al Consequences of Dysbiosis: Diagnosis and Treatment."

The Congresses that compose the Ganepão 2017 will take place in São Paulo city - Brazil from 13th to 17th June 2017, at the Centro de Convenções Rebouças.

Our multidisciplinary faculty will consist of hundreds of renowned national and international teachers from Latin America, United States and Europe.

In the 2017 edition, from the Experimental and Clinical Nutrition Research Paulista Forum will award best Clinical and Experimental studies presented.

We invite health professionals, phisicians, dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists to contribute with us in the dissemination and reinforcing contacts, exchange of experiences, methodologies and practices confirming Brazil as a qualified leader in clinical nutrition.

 For us will it be a joy to count on your participation in the conferences and events integrated into Ganepão 2017.

We are awaiting you!

Dan L. Waitzberg
President of the Congress