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Ganepão 2017, 7th Brazilian Congresso of Integrated Nutrition – CBNI and 3rd  Brazilian Conference of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics - Preprosim

3º Brazilian Congress of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Symbiotics (PreProSim) 

Our familiarity with the microbiota begins at birth, and its composition is altered by diet, environment and lifestyle. Our microbiota is, when appropriate, important in health maintenance, but if disturbed can provide morbid chronic-degenerative inflammatory states in different organs and systems.

The use of prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics substantially modify our micro-organic environment and can contribute to health and significant improvement of various diseases in children, in adults and elderly.

The 3rd Brazilian Congress of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Symbiotics (PreProSim) is the best platform for us to discuss the latest developments, implications and perspectives on knowledge of the microbiota in health and disease.

Aimed to meet the needs of physicians, dietitians, microbiologists, biologists, pharmacists, nurses and scientists, Congress will contribute to the dissemination and enhancement of contacts, exchange of experiences, scientific methodologies and clinical practices.

International and national experts of high repute will be meeting in Sao Paulo to discuss the theme of "Repercussions of Organic and al Dysbiosis: Diagnosis and Treatment."

Come watch the Symposium specialties, National and International Conferences, Roundtables, and participate with your scientific contribution as Free Theme or Posters.

For us it will be a joy to have you there! 13th do 15th june, 2017, in São Paulo, Brazil.

We are awaiting you!

Dan L. Waitzberg