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Ganepao 2019: 8th Brazilian Congresso of Integrated Nutrition – CBNI and 4th Brazilian Conference of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics - Preprosim


International Speakers

Alberto Mijan-de-la-Torre (Spain)

Dr. Alberto Miján-de-la-Torre, is a Physician; Internal Medicine’ specialist, Ms. and Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC). He is currently head of the Clinical Nutrition Unit of the Internal Medicine Service of the Burgos University Hospital.

Alessandro Laviano (Italy)

Associate Physician and Professor of Clinical Medicine, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy; and responsible for the Clinical Nutrition Unit of the University Hospital Umberto I (University Hospital), Rome, Italy. He is reference of two Academic Centers, Scientific Advisory Board, Royal Numico, Netherlandse The European Commission, Brussels, and is ESPEN Italian Corporate Member, AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAA. His main line of study is the Regulation of Food Intake in Physiological and Pathological Situations Anorexia, Cachexia, Hyperphagia and Obesity. He has more than 100 published studies on secretion of serotonin, Supplementation in Obese for Food Intake Control, and the etiology of Anorexia and Cachexia. Currently he follows the same line of research in Italy and is considered a reference in this matter as a member of the editorial board of the journals Nutrition, Current Nutrition and Food Science, biopsychosocial Medicine, The Open Nutrition Journal.

Andrew Ukleja (United States)

Andrew Ukleja, a Staff Gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida. He is a Director of Nutrition Support Team at Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Weston. Current appointment as a Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Areas of interest include: Enteral and parenteral nutrition, short bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal dysmotility, obesity, and celiac disease.

Angélica Pérez (Colombia)

Angelica Perez is a registered dietitian, specialist in occupational health and mindful eating. She is currently the national coordinator of NutritionDay Colombia, professor at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Faculty of Sciences and executive secretary of the Administrative Council of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition.

Arthur Ouwehand (Finland)

Dr. Arthur Ouwehand is R&D group manager at Active Nutrition in Kantvik, DuPont Nutrition & Health, Finland. He has a research background in both academia and industry. His main interest is on al foods; in particular probiotics and prebiotics and their influence on the intestinal microbiota composition and activity. He is active in the International Life Sciences Institute Europe, the International Dairy Federation, the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics, the Global Alliance for Probiotics and the International Probiotic Association. Dr. Ouwehand received his M.Sc. degree (1992) in cell biology from Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and his Ph.D. degree (1996) in microbiology from Göteborg University (Sweden). In 1999 he was appointed Adjunct Professor in Applied Microbiology at the University of Turku (Finland) and he is the author of more than 200 journal articles and book chapters.

Charles Elleri Bermúdez Patiño (Colombia)

Dr. Bermudez is a physician specialist in general surgery and medical law at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, president of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition and of the Department of Nutrition Metabolism of the Colombian Association of Surgery. He is currently Clinical Surgeon and Head of the Metabolic and Nutrition Support Group at La Colina Clinic.

Danielle Bear (United Kingdom)

Danielle gained her qualifications In Australia and worked in Sydney for a short time before moving to London. She has been the Principal Critical Care Dietitian at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for the last 8 years. She is actively involved in research, being one of two dietitians on the trial management group for the CALORIES trial and the trial dietitian for the Intermittent vs continuous feeding in critically ill patients study. She is currently undertaking a National Institute for Health Research Clinical doctoral fellowship where she is investigating the prevention and measurement of skeletal muscle wasting in critical illness.

Gary Wu (United States)

Dr. Wu is the Ferdinand G. Weisbrod Professor in Gastroenterology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania where he is the Associate Chief for Research in the Division of Gastroenterology and is also the Associate Director of the Center for Molecular Studies in Digestive and Liver Disease. He is currently Director and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the American Gastroenterological Association Center for Gut Microbiome Research and Education and is an elected member of both the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the American Association of Physicians. The research programs in the Wu laboratory focus on the mutualistic interactions between the gut microbiota and the host with a particular focus on metabolism.

Gertrudis Baptista (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of)

Registered dietitian. Specialist in Clinical Nutrition and in Nutritional Support. Master of Science in Nutrition. Full Professor of the Medicine School of the Central University of Venezuela. Head of the Nutritional Support Unit of the University Hospital of Caracas. Author-Coordinator of the Cancer Nutrition Program (Ministry of Popular Power for Health of Venezuela).

Grégory Lambert (France)

Pharmacist and Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology, Gregory LAMBERT carrier is split between Biotech and Pharma where he occupied the positions of Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Executive Officer in companies such as Novagali Pharma, Septodont and currently TargEDys. His responsibilities covered the development, the Intellectual Property and the Business development.  Gregory drove the development of several devices and pharmaceutical products from the laboratory to market authorizations.

Harrïet Jager-Wittenaar (Netherlands)

Harriët Jager-Wittenaar, PhD, RD, is Professor of Clinical Malnutrition and Healthy Ageing at the Research Group Healthy Ageing, Allied Health Care and Nursing at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands and is also appointed as senior researcher at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Medical Center Groningen. Furthermore, she is a lecturer at the Program of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. She received her PhD degree (2010) in Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen, on the topic of malnutrition in head and neck cancer patients. Her current research line includes research on nutritional assessment, e.g. PG-SGA and imaging techniques to assess body composition, the relationship between malnutrition and frailty, metabolism, and implementation of nutritional risk screening.

Hervé Blottiere (France)

Research Director at INRA, the French National Research Institute for Agricultural and Food Research, Hervé Blottière presently heads a research laboratory studying the Human Intestinal Ecosystem within the MICALIS institute “Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health”. He is Scientific Director of the MetaGenoPolis initiative, a platform of excellence dedicated to quantitative and al metagenomics, funded by the French government Futures Investments, where he has set up a robotic platform to allow high throughput screenings. He is also involved in ANR, the French National Research Agency, and the EU funded projects on Human Gut Microbiota and Health: MetaHIT, Cross-Talk and MetaCardis. Hervé Blottière obtained a PhD in Tumor Immunology from the University of Nantes (France) in 1989, and spent two years at the Wistar Institute (Philadelphia, U.S.A.). His main research interest is the al Metagenomics approach to study host-microbiota cross-talk. He has published >135 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. His goal is to provide a better understanding of the symbiosis between gut microbiota and its host and to decipher the mechanisms of interaction between intestinal bacteria and human mucosal cells at the molecular level. Finding these molecular mediators will provide target for manipulation or therapeutics tools to restore symbiosis in chronic diseases.

Joel Dore (France)

Dr Joel Dore graduated in Medicine and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (1988). He is currently director of research at Institute National for Research Agricultural (INRA) and directs the Executive Committee of MetaGenoPolis. It is also a deputy head of MICALIS Institute "Food and Intestine Microbiology to Human Health" and is a member of Polo of the Scientific Council of Microbiology of Doctoral School "Therapeutic Innovation" at the University of Paris XI. His main research interest is the molecular assessment of human intestinal microbiota in health and disease, and metagenomics exploitation of cross-talk host microorganism. It has 120 publications, including articles in scientific journals, such as Gut, the Gastroenterology and Nature.

Laura Matarese (United States)

Laura Matarese graduated in Nutrition, master's degree from Case Western Reserve University and a doctor degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, School of Medicine and Department of Science and Nutrition at East Carolina University, in the United States. She was Intestinal Nutrition Director at the School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh and Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Among his accomplishments, she played an important role in the development of intestinal rehabilitation programs, both the private sector and in university environments. Contributed to legislation in significant public policies, which provided oral testimony at a hearing at the US Senate, and his work cited by the US Supreme Court in a landmark case of Nutrition (Department of Health Cruzan vs. Missouri, the Supreme Court of United States. June 25, 1990). Areas of expertise include Nutrition, Intestinal Failure, Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Obesity, Liver Disease and Quality of Life

Mai Takada (Japan)

Mai Takada is MS in Health Science and Associate Senior Researcher (Research Management Center, Yakult Central Institute)

Mary Russell (United States)

Mary Russell graduated in Medical Technology from Marquette University and earned a Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Currently, she is a Medical Science Liaison II, U.S. Nutrition Medical Affairs, at Baxter Healthcare Corporation and a lecturer at the Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science. She has previous and extensive clinical nutrition and clinical nutrition management experience at the University of Chicago Medicine and Duke Medicine. She is the 2018-2019 President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and an active volunteer with ASPEN. Areas of expertise include malnutrition assessment, enteral and parenteral nutrition support, ethics in nutrition practice, and mentoring.

Nathalie Delzenne (Belgium)

Nathalie M. Delzenne, Full Professor, is President of the Louvain Drug Research Institute and is leading the Research Group in Metabolism and Nutrition at the Université catholique de Louvain (Uclouvain- Woluwé, Belgium). After a PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences obtained in 1991, a post-doctoral certificate in Nutrition (Lausanne, CH), Nathalie Delzenne performed a post-doctoral stay at the Pasteur Institute in Lille (France), working on the molecular aspects of lipoproteins.

Palle Bekker Jeppesen (Denmark)

Professor Palle Bekker Jeppesen is Clinical Professor at Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Affiliate Professor and Head of the Research at the Department of Gastroenterology at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, and he is also an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the unit for Clinical and Experimental Nutrition, University of Copenhagen. His major research interests include patients with short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure with a recent focus on novel therapies for their management, rehabilitation and care.

Paul Wischmeyer (United States)

Paul E. Wischmeyer, MD, EDIC, is a critical care, perioperative and nutrition physician who serves as a Professor with Tenure of Anesthesiology and Surgery at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC. He also serves as the Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Research in the Dept. of Anesthesiology, Director of the Nutrition Team at Duke Hospital, and Director of Perioperative Research at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Pierre-Yves Mousset (France)

After his medical studies, Pierre-Yves Mousset worked for 15 years in communication and pharmaceutical marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Gynov and Indigo therapeutics, companies specializing in the development of food supplements, Special Medical Foods and medical devices for women’s health for the former, clinical nutrition and intestinal microbiota modulation for the latter. Based on the belief that certain food ingredients are likely to bring under-exploited health benefits, these companies are engaged in the development of products that meet the quality criteria of the pharmaceutical industry, both from an industrial point of view and from the scientific and medical requirements essential to health professionals.

Remy Meier (Switzerland)

Gastroenterologist Doctor, Professor and Acting Head of the Gastroenterology Unit, Hepatology and Nutrition, University Hospital Kantonsspital Liestal, Switzerland, Professor of Medicine, University of Basel and the Human Nutrition Institute. He is member of several national and international societies such as the American Society of Gastroenterology, Enteral and Parenteral Society of Nutrition Switzerland, Europe and USA. Author of 5 books and has more than 480 published articles.

Robert Schiestl (United States)

Dr. Schiestl received his Ph.D. in Biology and Genetics from the University of Vienna, Austria. He is currently a Professor of Pathology, Environmental Health and Radiation Oncology. He is Director of the UCLA Center for Environmental Genomics and a current member of the UCLA Cancer Center, UCLA Center of Occupational and Environmental Health, UCLA Interdepartmental Program in Molecular Toxicology (Faculty Advisory Committee), and UCLA ACCESS Graduate Program steering committee. He is also a member of the Planning Committee for the Environmental Mutagen Society meeting as well as Chair.

Ruben Gustavo Kliger (Argentina)

Dr. Kliger is a Physician Specialist in Nutrition and Intensive Care. Currently he is President of the Argentine Association of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Professor of Intensive Care and Nutrition at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Physician responsible for the Support in the Sanatorium of the Trinidad Palermo and the Sanatorium of the Arcos, Argentina.

William Manzanares (Uruguay)

Intensive physician graduate by the University of La Republica de Uruguay. He is Associate Professor of the Chair of Critical Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Uruguay, President of the FELANPE Education Committee (2010- 2012), Member of the Education Committee of ILAS-ASPEN. Director of research lines on oxidative stress, selenium and pharmaco-nutrition in critically ill patients. He is author of publications in international journals, chapters in national and international books. Speaker at various national and international events.