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Ganepao 2019: 8th Brazilian Congresso of Integrated Nutrition – CBNI and 4th Brazilian Conference of Pre, Pro and Symbiotics - Preprosim

Message from the President

Dear Participant,

In health and especially in terms of nutrition we, daily, observe impressive technical-scientific advances. At the same time, we are experiencing, more and more, the valorization of humanism in the care centered on the bioethical rights of our patients. This apparent dichotomy requires "A different way of learning, an expanded form of caring" that is the main theme of the 8th Brazilian Congress of Integrated Nutrition (CBNI), composing the Ganepao 2019.


At the same time, we have witnessed a logarithmic advance in understanding the mechanisms and effects of our healthy microbiota and in disbiosis, and how the judicious use of diet, prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotic can contribute to health maintenance and a significant improvement in several diseases. That is why we chose the theme "The 3D Microbiome: Disbiosis, Disease and Diet as a guide for the 4th Brazilian Congress of Pre, Pro and Symbiotic (Preprosim).


The Congresses that compose the Ganepão 2019, together with the 2nd Nutrition and Phytotherapy event, will take place in São Paulo city - Brazil from 11th to 14th June 2019, at the Centro de Convenções Rebouças.


Our multidisciplinary faculty will consist of hundreds of renowned national and international teachers from Latin America, United States and Europe.


We will have the 4th edition of the PreProSim FQM award, to the best clinical, experimental and technological papers in this area and also the 21st edition, from the Experimental and Clinical Nutrition Research Paulista Forum that will award the best Clinical and Experimental studies presented.


We invite health professionals, physicians, dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists to contribute with us for knowledge dissemination, reinforcing networks, exchange of experiences, methodologies and practices making the 41st years Ganepao, your favorite nutrition conference.


For us will it be a joy to count on your participation in the conferences and events integrated into Ganepão 2019.


We are awaiting you!

Dan L. Waitzberg
President of the Congress