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Ganepão 2016

For 39 years, the educational event, known as Ganepão has been organized. In every edition, the number of participants increases. In 2016 we had 2962 participants.

Ganepão 2016 contemplated the 7º International Conference of Nutritional Oncology/Congresso Brasileiro de Nutrição e Câncer (ICNO/CBNC) and for the first time, the Congresso Internacional de Nutrição, Exercício e Saúde (NEXSA).

There were 04 days of intense scientific activity under the themes: "Nutritional Therapy in Oncology Survival and Quality of Life" and "Physical Activity and Nutrition Orientation: Complementarity for Great Results in Health".

The active participation of more than 300 renowned national and international teachers, ensured the excellent scientific program with a multidisciplinary proposal.

The presence of the Brazilian research was reflected in 300 scientific papers presented at the XVIII Paulista Forum of Research in Clinical and Experimental Nutrition. The contributions were published as an electronic supplement in the Revista Brasileira de Nutrição Clínica of BRASPEN.

The majority of health professionals attending the Ganepão 2016, qualified the event was evaluated as "excellent" and "very good".

Ganepão 2016 was conducted with the support of important entities, councils and associations in the fields of Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing and Pharmacy, national and international.

Our partners from the food industry and laboratories evaluated, unanimously, as "great" scientific programming and general organization of Ganepão 2016.

In Ganepão 2016 we have worked the awareness of various nuclei of health professionals about the holistic view of the patient, integration of physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals, as can be seen in Figure 1:

Figure 1 - Participantes by Occupation