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For the last consecutive 40 years, the Nutrition Conference known as Ganepão has been organized.

The Ganepão is one of the largest among the Nutrition Conferences in Latin America. With the presence of the most renowned nutrition specialist, researchers and health professionals, it stands out for presenting relevant, multidisciplinary and current scientific content, sanctioned by major health institutions and associations.

Within renowned tradition, Ganepão brings together physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals, engaged in several scientific activities, in an interactive and innovative way. In fact, Ganepão provides the best nutrients for your career

There are 8 reasons for you to participate in the Ganepao:

  1. Ganepão is the most traditional Brazilian event of Clinical Nutrition, providing the best nutrients for your career in the last 39 years.
  2. To know the advances of Clinical Nutrition, in an interactive and through Lectures, Symposia, Workshops, Roundtables, Interactive boards, Interactive Conferences, Clinical Cases Discussion with the participation of renowned national and international speakers.
  3. Opportunity to disseminate your clinical and scientific experience in the form of presentation of free-papers and posters in the traditional Paulista Research Forum in Clinical and Experimental Nutrition, with publication in indexed magazines and compete for awards.
  4. To check firsthand the releases and new technologies, products and services for Industry and Enterprises linked to Nutrition.
  5. To participate in Quality of Life Sessions and improve your daily lives with healthy expert tips.
  6. It's a great opportunity to meet people, and exchange ideas and experiences with national and international leaders of Clinical Nutrition.
  7. Special moment to discover new opportunities, to relate to colleagues, meet new friends and expand your knowledge.
  8. To experience important social and cultural activities of the city of São Paulo.



- To present new theoretical and practical material in clinical nutrition in all its forms and conditions.

- To create conditions for clinical and scientific experience exchange


To be the main scientific event in Latin America, designed to disseminate the importance of nutrition in maintaining health, preventing and treating diseases and comorbidities.

Focused to update physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals.


  1. Scientific knowledge based on evidence

  2. Ethics in relations between industry, prescribers and users

  3. Transparency

  4. Professional Diversity

  5. Social Responsibility